April 19, 2018

Mortar Wet

Air Setting Mortar

Mortar Wet Super

  1. Spesification
    • Type : Paste
    • Purpose : As the cover or mortar adhesive
    • Temperature Max. : 1.800ºC
    • Mechanism Hardening : With the air
    • Size of pellet as : 0.5 mm
    • Packing : 30 kg/pail
    • Application : Dipped by using cement spoon or brush painter

  ( it is not necessary to add some water )


  1. Necessary Quantity :
  • To set up 1.000 pieces of Standart Fire Bricks (230x114x65 mm) = 300 kg Mortar Wet Super
  • To plate surface with thickness 3 mm


  1. Explanation :

Mortar Wet Super is the material which has characteristic as strongly adhesive for any use in high temperature, it is ready and easily used without dissolving. Mortar Wet Super is usually for setting up and plating low alumina fire bricks to high alumina fire bricks. It  also  can  be  used  to  plate  isolation  materials  such  as  ceramic  or mineral fibre ( kaowool and rockwool). Besides mortar wet super can be used to cover any tools which directly can lacted with liquid metal or extremely heat such as iron works firebox of metal, boiler, smockes tack, incenerator, etc.